The 'Kingham' Collection

Let’s start with the obvious questions, shall we. Who is Kingham? And who were the Shakers?

Charlie isn’t just our trusty pig mascot! Charlie Kingham is a Londoner and cabinetmaker who combines traditional craftsmanship, local sourcing and modern technologies to create stunning, truly bespoke designs by marrying quality and functionality.


A beautifully country-chic shaker kitchen with open shelving and lots of white to keep things light.


And what about the Shakers? They, too, were craftspeople: they created their own furniture centred around simplicity, durability and functionality. No Victorian decadence here! This was reflected in the type of wood they used, usually local timber, and the clean lines and simple hardware choices. There was something honest and lasting about their craft.


A two tone Kingham Shaker beauty with brushed chrome accents and metro tiles


The Kingham Shaker collection is the perfect combination of these two ideals! It is the ‘downstairs’ kitchen of our historic houses if you will, designed with quality and functionality at the heart. Its beautifully simplistic style, associated with the Shakers, lends itself perfectly to most homes. It creates a timeless feel, perfectly fitting with today’s modern minimalism as well as within a more traditional setting. There really is something for everyone in this collection.

Free-standing elements are a perfect way to achieve the shaker-style in your kitchen. These can be completely free-standing, such as the kitchen island or a dairy cabinet, or the whole kitchen can be given the ‘shaker look’ by keeping the cabinetry’s structure and feet on show, rather than disguising it with kickboards or plinths. We love pairing butler sinks with this collection to add to the ‘downstairs’ kitchen feel. Think paired-back, working-kitchen and you’re there!


The flagstone flooring, the grey-green palette and the black worktops make this a true Kingham Shaker gem


The Kingham Shaker collection is perfectly finished off with a hand-painted colour of your choice – originally blues and greens were popular and they still are today! Picture Farrow and Ball Railings or Little Green Paint Slye Blue. That being said, the Kingham Shaker collection works equally well with more neutral choices such as white or grey, particularly in more contemporary homes.


Kingham Shaker isn’t just reserved for kitchens: here is a perfect utility space with all the shaker charm.


Whatever your style and your home, the Kingham Shaker Kitchen Collection has something to offer everyone: it can be kept minimal, true to its history, or combined with other elements to put your own twist on it – like some glass elements, or industrial lighting. The simplicity can stand alone or become a canvas for you to add to. This flexibility is why we love the collection and why it is such a popular choice with our clients.

In short? Our Kingham Shaker collection is simple, functional, beautiful, timeless and flexible. Who says you can’t be master of all trades!