The 'Georgian' Classical English Collection

While our Kingham Shaker Collection is inspired by the downstairs staff kitchen, the Classic Georgian English Collection is very much comparable to the ‘upstairs’ kitchen of our historic homes. It embodies the essence of Georgian design with its classic elegance, stunning symmetry and beautiful proportions.

The design is timeless and creates a sense of space by making the most of the natural light available. Picture the elegance of Chippendale design and the lightness of touch of Georgian interiors, and you will get a feel for our Classic English collection.

A more luxurious design than the traditional shaker style, the collection lends itself best to paler colours and neutrals, such a soft greens, pale greys and whites.

The higher the ceiling, the better with this style of kitchen as the height adds to the elegance of the design. We think floor to ceiling cabinets in the palest grey is a beautiful choice here! Add in some beautiful mantels and canopies and your Georgian-inspired kitchen is almost complete.

The Georgians were inspired by marble stonework and we find that marble and quartz worktops complement our Classic Georgian English Collection beautifully as the pale colours of the cabinetry pair elegantly with the soft shades available in these stones. 

Our favourite hardware for this collection has to be an antique finish, such as pewter or aged brass, and we just love how cup handles work with this particular cabinetry.

Finesse is found in the detailing too, from the mouldings to the cornices: the built-in elements have hints of neo-classic architecture but maintain the restraint of Georgian interiors. 

The luxurious simplicity of the design means our Classic Georgian English Collection works well in period properties and modern homes alike and combines equally well with modern appliances and more traditional ones such as range cookers. Can you envision your dream kitchen in this style?