The 'Studio CK' Contemporary Collection

Summed up into three words, this collection is contemporary, unique and bespoke.

Every Studio CK kitchen is unique to the client and makes use of the latest materials, such as leather doors or industrialised metal panels, to create stunning contemporary designs to suit any space.

The sleek aesthetics, like the simplicity of the hardware or the handleless look, create a real contemporary feel as do the clean lines.

The choice of materials is integral and adds interest, such as mixing veneers and leather finishes or tinted glass and stainless steel. Mixing textures adds a lovely dimension to a simple design, just like in contemporary architecture.

Often, though not always, monochrome, this style makes use of different tones and shades of black, white, grey and brown.

Lighting is a big part of these kitchens too, with all kinds of options from under cabinet lighting to spotlights. There is something more minimal about this collection, a perfectly on trend kitchen for any home.

It is the perfect setting for the latest kitchen gadgets and appliances – from a Kaelo wine cooler to built-in chargers, there are endless possibilities that will complement this collection perfectly in this tech-forward world!