The Wine Room

Grapes of wrath? Not likely. What better time to enshrine your venerable vine!

Who wouldn’t want handmade bespoke wine storage in the shape of a wine room or a custom built cellar just for themselves? The ever-growing popularity of wine has led to many people doing their very best to find even the smallest of spaces to use as a ‘cellar’. Combining this with the investment potential in these bottles equals a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a pleasure that has more than one reward.

You can do it in so many ways: from dedicated wine rooms with custom cabinets to cellars with beautiful casings and bottle racks. With endless options for storing your finest tipples, let’s explore some ideas to inspire you!

First up, cellars. Not everyone has the opportunity or space to introduce a cellar. Having said that, these don’t have to be on a par with Laurent Perrier’s!

There are some amazing ways you can effortlessly create one of these beauties with options for your preference of real wood finish such as oak, walnut or cherry. Even in the smallest of basement areas can undergo a complete transformation. Your new wine cellar doesn’t have to be underground! It could simply be in an unused cupboard or even under the stairs.

The design and layout of a bespoke handmade cellar lends itself quite nicely to a modular format. This gives us an opportunity to take any room or space and make the core components work well together. Add a little creative wizardry from us into the mix and we have all the makings of a charming cellar.

To complete the room, we have two favourites (if space allows). First up, a small but perfectly formed William Holland ‘swill’ sink in gorgeous aged brass. Match this with a tap from acclaimed Perrin & Rowe and you have a great area for cheeky, impromptu tasting sessions!

Second, a ladder with guide rail. This only really works if you are fortunate enough to enjoy a tall ceiling height. This feature is not a necessity but is a mesmerising addition to a complete handmade bespoke wine cellar.

Are you tired of traipsing all the way to the cellar? Why not introduce a bespoke handmade wine tasting room, with temperature and humidity control? These can look stunning when suitably glazed and are perfect for showing off your wine collection.

Feast your eyes on the beauty we were very privileged to create for an esteemed client in the South of France. American black walnut wood with mirrored backs, a ladder and custom made stainless steel embellishments. This magnificent design is sublime! Although, speaking from experience, it is even better to enter and be able enjoy the ‘fruits’ (grapes?) of your labour.

Struggling for space? Not a problem! Our solutions make it easy to feel refreshed with a lovely glass of wine without having to trudge down to a cellar. Take a look here at the custom built storage cabinets which houses all that you need with dual temperature fridges.

We have saved the best until last. Charlie Kingham’s unique and exclusive design, our very own “Succinct Cellar”. It has all the essential elements of a cellar condensed down in to one divine vault. It fits perfectly in to any kitchen or room and can be customised in size and layout to suit any requirements.

You really shouldn’t have a favourite but if we were to choose, this would probably be our most exquisite and adorable bespoke wine cellar.

If you truly treasure your trove, maybe trust it to us?