Bespoke Crockery Display Cabinets

Time to add some extra organisation into your life!

We all need structure in our kitchen (or scullery if you are lucky enough to have one) for that peace of mind and ease of access. This is most important regarding our crockery than anywhere else. Display cabinets are designed to make crockery storage as easy as possible.

A treasured fine English bone china dinner service that has been passed down from generation to generation, loved and cherished on its journey, deserves a safe place to be stored. A convenient place where it will be accessible to make life just that little bit easier and more relaxed.

Different people have different requirements. Some are families who are required to deal with the everyday maelstrom that enters their kitchen without notice. Others, no less stressed, are coping with that special celebration, family gathering or ceremony. Whoever and whatever the necessity, we here at Charlie Kingham have a solution for storing and displaying your fine crockery.

The very pinnacle of crockery storage has to be the scullery. Who of us here wouldn’t give their right arm for one of these beauties? A dedicated room created especially for your treasured dinner services. A glorious set of handmade bespoke cabinetry with a sole purpose of safeguarding your prized valuables? Pure luxury!

It goes without saying that we would include the compulsory Miele dishwasher nearby to clean your ‘darlings’ back to their pristine and sparkling best. Alternatively, or additionally, how about a teak sink? Original sculleries and china rooms included these as they were less prone to chipping the plates and dishes.

Clients always have varying wants and wishes. Some just ask for an operational, regular use set up. Others, a unique cabinet or furniture selection to house their precious ceramics. The options here are racks, open units or closed cupboards. I personally prefer a combination of all three! The mix is practical and offers the opportunity to hide away mess while also being incredibly beautiful and providing adequate space to display the most prized plates.

One great piece of bespoke cabinetry to consider is a steadfast and dutiful glazed display dresser. They are a purposeful yet delightful addition to any kitchen space. Not only will this protect and keep your ‘pottery’ clean and dust free, it will also showcase this stunning array of premium porcelain!

Is it not always such a treat when the finest is out for service and brought to the table, signalling something special is about to be celebrated? Christmas, Easter, maybe a birthday or big family gathering. Whatever the occasion, this wonderful china set warrants its well-earned respect and deserves a safe place to spend its rest periods.

How about seeing what we can do in creating you a unique dinnerware display cabinet?