Out & About In Petworth

Adventure around remarkable parks, unique antiques stores and a 17th Century mansion!

Petworth is a small rural town nestled in the heart of West Sussex. The beautiful cobbled streets and range of antique shops makes walking around this countryside town a mesmerising experience. The locals are extremely generous and welcoming, so you won’t feel like an outsider for long! 

One of the most notable attractions at Petworth is its exquisite 700 acre deer park. Petworth Park and Pleasure grounds were transformed by landscape architect Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown during the 1750’s and is still considered to be one of his greatest masterpieces after requiring 12 years and five different contracts to complete. This area is now protected and managed by the National Trust who have built an incredible 14 mile long wall around it to preserve the wildlife. 

Autumn is the ideal season to drop in and pay this park a visit as it is during this time of the year that the deer really put on a show! The bucks begin with a mating battle using their antlers in an attempt to attract the most females and gain a top position amongst the rest of the herd. You can watch this all unfold with your very own eyes down at the park. Truly a marvellous and completely free experience! 

Now back to the town. You won’t have to spend much time wandering around the quaint cobbled streets before you come across a sign for the famous Petworth House. 

Built in 1682 and owned during the Middle Ages by the Percy family, Earls of Northumberland, this grand mansion was remodelled by Charles Seymour after his marriage to Elizabeth Percy. He gathered the finest craftsmen to create a stunning french-styled building that is often considered more of an art gallery than a home. Some of the range of British portraits, landscapes and sculptures at Petworth House can be dated back to several centuries ago! With a handful of enthusiastic tour guides to show you around and talk in detail about the wonders and history of this mansion, Petworth House is truly worth a visit.

Petworth antique market hosts an abundance of uncommon and vintage items, including ceramics, silverware, rugs, militaria, wall art, music, furniture, tapestries and jewellery. After a refurbishment in 2015, the market is now home to over 41 antique dealers who are all experienced and passionate about their specialist field. Although some items can be quite pricey, just walking around the market is a remarkable experience and truly captures the eccentric and historic nature of Petworth.

After exploring the park, wandering around and awe-ing at the vast selection of antiques and coming to grips with the sheer beauty of Petworth House, you would surely be more than a bit peckish at this point! Well in this lovely little town, the pubs and restaurants pride themselves on serving local fresh produce. Or if you’re in the mood for a cuppa, try giving Tiffins tea room a visit. This family-run tea room is a wonderful place to have a rest after a long day out. The room is decorated in pastel colours and lovely paintings which makes it feel extra cosy and quaint. With a wide selection of hot drinks and snacks, you’ll be spoilt for choice! 

For a traditional and truly British day out we recommend dropping over to Petworth for a little adventure along the cobblestone streets during a weekend for a lovely country getaway.