The Story Of KitchenAid

Now here’s a story that needed telling, so let’s pay tribute to a true star!

Let us preface this journal entry by saying it will be paying homage to what created and established the iconic brand planted so deep in our minds. I will be following on from this with a more detailed analysis of where the brand is now and how it has developed. Ok, on with the show……

1886 – A revolutionary invention. 

Jospehine Cochrane revolutionised the world of cooking with an invention which in time devilled into the dishwasher we all know and love. Nine of her incredible machines were exhibited, sold and used in restaurants. These first models were sold at between 700 and 1000 dollars. Driven by the desire to popularise her invention, Josephine adapted a dishwasher model for household use and sold at 350 dollars.

1919 – The birth of a legend. The first mixer and how the brand was born.

Fast forward to 100 years ago. Ohio inventor Herbert Johnson engineered another miraculous ‘contraption’ that would go on to revolutionise the lives of cooks and chefs around the world: the “H5”, the first household whisk and eggbeater. While trialling it, the wife of one of the company directors unintentionally created the brand name when she proclaimed: “I don’t care what you call it, it’s the best kitchen aid I’ve ever had”. KitchenAid was born.

For many years to come, the brand, inspired by the culinary world, has never stopped working on and improving ingenious solutions for chefs, cooks and food enthusiasts. Gaining almost instant popularity and selling 20,000 units in its first three years, it is obvious to see that KitchenAid was welcomed by the world with open arms. Early users of KitchenAid stand mixers included famous names such as John Barrymore, Henry Ford, Ginger Rogers and New York Governor Al Smith, all of whom caught sight of its unique attributes.

1936 –A marriage of style and cutting edge technology.

Egmont Arens was a popular designer and the editor of the famous Vanity Fair, one of the most renowned magazines in the world. Over the period of a couple of years, Arens shared his knowledge with KitchenAid to help design and create some of their most elegant models.

One of which being the famous “K” which immediately gathered a cult following that lasted right up until the present day. His ground-breaking creations won several design awards and most are currently still being proudly displayed in a a handful of museums. More than six decades later, the KitchenAid mixers still parallel those fashioned by Arens which is clear proof of his genius visions, innovative designs and remarkable talent.

1949 – A genius enters the kitchen and Josephine Garis Cochrane’s dream came true.

KitchenAid decides it wants to improve on her original patented design adding performance and creates the KD-10 dishwasher. Launched in pink and white, its features went well beyond its extraordinary design. This model arrived equipped with impressively progressive new technology for the time and still serves as a basis for all current dishwashers. The product was amazing in every respect and its operation is on par with some modern-day appliances. Incredibly, some KD-10s are still in working merrily away today.

1955 – A world of colour lights up our world as an assortment of vibrant hues arrive at KitchenAid.

Set to become key “signature” for KitchenAid. A first for the completely white world of kitchen appliances. The mixer is swathed in lustrous new colours. Sunny Yellow, Petal Pink, Island Green, Satin Chrome and Antique Copper.

Fast forward to 1994 and the palette is extended following the popularity of the original models. Empire Red, Pastel Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Apple Green, Anthracite Grey and even a gorgeous Tangerine Orange…to the elation and great delight of many chefs and gourmet cooks far and wide.

2009 – Celebrating 90 years of culinary expertise

KitchenAid decided to celebrate the 90th anniversary of his unrivalled heritage, product design and performance by releasing a beautifully illustrated recipe book. Additionally a “collectors” edition of the popular Artisan Stand Mixer was produced for the celebration in a  gorgeous shade called Candy Apple Red. Nothing says classic quite like a gorgeous shade of red.

What kitchen brands wouldn’t give their hind teeth to have the classical designed Kitchen Aid artisan stand mixer in their stable? KitchenAid really is, in every sense of the word, a true thoroughbred.

We will be following up soon with more about the luxury major appliance range KitchenAid has available. Interested?