Love & Respects

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Some of the trusted relationships and premier partnerships we have made along the way

We have tried and tested these and are proud to have made an association with some of the biggest, best and most reputable companies and suppliers in the industry and also their own respective areas of expertise and enterprise.

Keep an eye out (even better, subscribe) for the journal posts we will be putting out on a regular basis featuring great information detailing the special products and services from these luxury kitchen brands with whom we partner.

Cooled, charmed and collected

When it comes to making you refrigeration choice, Sub Zero really must be top. There truly are not many better luxury kitchen brands or products available.

Although these beauties can be fully integrated, we feel they are best standing front and centre in all their luxury and stainless steel glory displaying the uncompromising build quality.

The hottest little number to grace any kitchen

The validation of these ‘beasts’ is the number of TV and professional chefs that currently have these luxury beauties set up in their homes as well as their studios.

These prominent stars know what cooks best and justify their choice in the build quality to cope with the kitchen needs and demands that they expect – and Wolf delivers!

Are Miele not one of the most desirables?

Miele’s brand reputation precedes them: their prominence in the domestic luxury kitchen brands and appliance market is built on the quality and reliability that only they can back up with the support network they have established.

Their dishwashers, developed these over many years, dominate: simply none better for dependability. Pure luxury!

Smooth operator!

For all your kitchen cooking, cleaning and cooling needs, here are the sleek and smooth luxury operators. Fisher & Paykel believe everybody deserves good design. They have been kitchen brands pioneers since 1871 in the appliances world and never stop bettering their products.

So if you are looking for a kitchen appliance that has style and works wonders, you’ve come to the right place.

More than just the little mean Red mixing machine

What luxury kitchen brands wouldn’t give their hind teeth to have the iconic retro designed Kitchen Aid artisan stand mixer in their stable? A true thoroughbred in every sense of the word.

What may surprise you is the high end, luxury major appliance range they have available. This really is something deserving of your attention as it truly is special.

Crafted culinary commitment

Committed to craftsmanship today as they were 300 years ago! Gaggenau first began on the journey that brings them right up until today and their continued quest for luxury and perfection. Will they ever rest on their laurels? I think not.

Gaggenau carries a uniqueness that sets them apart from the many kitchen brands that strive to match their style.

No finer china, no brass in its class

When it comes to taps and sinks, the Perrin and Rowe brand stands head and shoulders above the so called opposition.

No one really comes near to matching their unique and all-encompassing co-ordinated ranges of brassware and ceramics. The finishes available throughout the kitchen collection can surely not be bettered.

You’ll definitely find yourself in hot water here!

The kitchen inspiration and innovation others envy. One brand, Quooker, pretty much foisted on an unsuspecting ‘kettle’ world, a life changer.

No more painfully watching the damn thing bubble away. Instant boiling water? What kind of black magic are we witnessing? Well, whatever the wizardry involved, they’re here to stay.

Setting the bar high

“Design you can see, craftsmanship you can feel and reliability you can count on”. Now there is something we happily buy into.

Britannia offers a wide range of luxury cookers for all your culinary needs. Though established since 1995, they continue to innovate and push boundaries. They keep on setting the bar for British manufacturing standards and kitchen brands higher and higher.

Nothing we can say that hasn’t already been said

We don’t even know where to begin with Aga. We bet this luxury brand is either holding a place in your heart or your wishlist! They just silently ooze warmth, comfort and charm.

They evoke such pleasant feelings and memories amongst anyone that has ever owned or experienced one of these charismatic cooking appliances in a kitchen.

One of our favourite Gallic grinders

With such a distinctive signature look, there’s no confusing Lacanche range cookers with any others. The unique detailing that is exclusive to them alone makes these luxury gallic go-tos so popular. Couple that with a superb build quality that will give you a lifetimes service and you really cannot go wrong with this kitchen brand.

Vive la France, vive la liberté!

La Cornue, France’s answer to Aga, deserves nothing but high praise! Doing wonders for Anglo-French relationships, these glorious La Cornue range cookers, with their definitive Gallic charm and identity, cannot help but  gain a place in the hearts of their lucky owners.

Enamelled with these colourful characters' charm

A kitchen really isn’t truly a kitchen until it has at least one piece of Le Creuset nestled comfortably in pride of place.

It’s all about the colour (even though they are a luxury, quality product). Even the meekest dare to rebel with a splash of one of the most iconic homeware kitchen brands. What’s your favourite: Volcanic Orange, Cassis Purple or Teal Green?

The finest copper cookware this side of the Seine

Revered and cherished by the very best chefs around the world, Mauviel’s copper, stainless steel and aluminium pots and pans have gained a reputation of luxury and for being one of the very best cookwares money can buy. A true investment that just keeps giving back.

The professionals of paint and paper

Farrow & Ball: recognisable yet still desirable, no need for a thousand colours.

Who of us out there hasn’t used in their schemes at least one colour, if not all. They just seem to have an uncanny knack of refining down the infinite and personal nature of colour into the prime, definitive and essential; the must haves!

The Little Greene Painting Machine

Couldn’t resist that one, just like their colours, irresistible at times.

Little Greene were our neighbours for a long while in our London days. We just love their innovative and inspirational displays and whole ethos when it comes to paint, paper and colour in general. If you haven’t already, check them guys out as they are doing some amazing things.

By royal appointment no less

One of the oldest paint companies in the country and the only surviving paint producing company in London. Why wouldn’t they be with their heritage and highest quality paint!

That said, it’s not just paint, they offer so much more in oils and stains for that final glorious finish and patina we are all looking for.

Worktops that, well, work

Luxury, premium quartz surfaces from Caesarstone combine performance and beauty perfectly. Quartz is durable, easy to install and easily maintained, so when combined with beautiful design, these surfaces are the perfect choice for countertops, vanities, and other interiors.

Lights. Camera. Action.

The home for original handcrafted lighting that is vintage- and industrial-inspired. Perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, boot rooms… pretty much any room!

Our entire showroom is kitted out with gorgeous lighting from Industville, so do come and have a look at these glimmers of luxury.

Up the wall

Original design and craftsmanship are at the core of what Fired Earth is about. Their wall tiles and floor tiles can be statement choices for any kitchen or pantry – and everywhere else in your home. They are not just a kitchen brand!

From glossy metro to patterned clay, there are tiles to suit every style and every room.

The icon of British perfume

Their scents and aromas are renowned and can add an inviting dimension of luxury to most any room in your home with their soaps, diffusers, candles and oils.

Peony, lime, basil… the surprising combinations can transport you to somewhere exotic, relaxing or sandy. Where would you like to go?

What else?

If it’s good enough for Clooney, it’s good enough for us! And there really is a coffee to suit everyone: intense, smooth, origin, long, espresso, frothy. Whatever takes your fancy, Nespresso has it covered. Except George… He’s not for sale.

Who? I’ll tell you who: Kaelo!

This new kid on the block of luxury kitchen brands needs some serious exposure as what they are bringing to the table (literally) is nothing short of genius.

A brilliantly simple idea executed with such grace and style that you just won’t be able to defy its allure. Better than that, it works so well you’ll be wondering why on earth you didn’t get one sooner!