CK Pig


Sourcing the splendiferous


Should in the unlikely event.

Here at Kingham curios, our only intention is for you to be totally satisfied and content, if not elated, with the purchase of the treasure we have gained the same emotions and pleasure in the sourcing of. You must be fully aware that the pieces we offer have had a long, interesting and varied life. Along the way in that journey, they will have encountered many years of happy use and  gained the relative wear and tear associated with that life.

We can guarantee, that wherever possible, we have endeavoured to be as accurate and descriptive as possible accompanying this with high resolution images to support your decision making process when considering a commitment. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

Fundamentally we would love you to be delighted & treasure your purchase but we ask that you take the factors above into account before you to take on this engagement as we cannot refund on this basis.