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Beautifully simple,
Simply beautiful.


KINGHAM, our bespoke kitchens, unique, personal and exclusive to you.

Many claim ‘bespoke’, few can actually match their use of the word with full intent, our headline above is a statement of truth, our mantra and we stand steadfast behind this.

When it comes to the creation of a bespoke kitchen, Charlie Kingham has consistently delivered a distinctive and individual experience to each and every discerning client. Renowned for his hands-on approach, from the initial concept right through to completion, Charlie personally oversees every stage, ensuring an unparalleled and meticulous attention to every detail involved in the process of delivering your very own unique and personal bespoke kitchen.

Establishing a benchmark of quality, exclusivity and timeless luxury, each and every KINGHAM signature bespoke kitchen is a testament to the perfect blend of traditional cabinetmaking craftsmanship and cutting-edge technological advancements. This fusion results in a truly bespoke kitchen that is not only visually stunning but also built to stand the test of time, each backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Located in Alton, Hampshire. The company’s studio, showroom and portfolio showcases an array of locally, nationally, and internationally installed bespoke kitchen projects that will elegantly and respectfully compliment your home.


  • Truly bespoke, there’s nothing that will stop us meeting your expectations.
  • Absolute attention to detail, our fully committed design approach is unique.
  • Charlie Kingham will personally be involved at every stage of your project.
  • Hand crafted by our skilled cabinetmakers right here in Great Britain.
  • Lifetime guarantee. All of our furniture is covered for your peace of mind.
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All my life I have strived to create and offer the finest I can possibly manage and conceive.
I started on this ‘adventure’ for many reasons but two were overriding and paramount, my obsessive passion for interior design, but second, and most decisive, were the experiences I had encountered in the way clients were treated with such a lack of respect and appreciation.
You surely must have trailed around the showrooms and endured the designer/salesperson making you feel like they were doing you a favour with one of your most meaningful lifetime purchases?
This led me to change this disservice by establishing our design studio along with it’s tradition, culture and legacy, a creative hub specialising in cabinetmaking, interior and exterior decorative antiques and vintage garden curios.

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  • Pretty much anything required, we truly are bespoke and relish a challenge.
  • Not just kitchens, we will entertain any room project in the home and beyond.
  • We construct utilising the finest sustainable materials and components.
  • Every commission is meticulously tailored to your considerations and desires.
  • A complete and total service, from the very start to the final completion.
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