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Beautifully simple,
Simply beautiful.


Hard or soft wood, tactile tops, fresh from the forest.

‘KINGHAM’ solid hardwood kitchen worktops provide a natural beauty to your kitchen that is hard to beat. No other form of kitchen work surface has the timeless beauty and warmth that a real solid wood worktop brings to the kitchen. One of the main advantages of a wooden worktop is that while other surfaces age badly through use, losing their original splendour, wood gains in character, becoming richer and deeper in colour over time. Wood is also an environmentally responsible choice of material – because the timber used has no waste, all material is either used into other products or recycled into heat during the manufacturing process. All of our wood worktops are made from FSC® certified timber, which means each worktop can be traced back to the original forest where it grew.
Here is a portfolio showcasing some of the many and varied bespoke wooden kitchen worktop solutions we have been especially chosen and commissioned to design, create and install.