CK Pig


Beautifully simple,
Simply beautiful.


Cutting it fine: a beautifully integrated piece of end grain.

A staple of any kitchen and one that needs to be shown full respect as a good chopping board or area top is not only a must but can really enhance the aesthetic detailing of your room. We have many options to offer all of which aid in the storage and orderly appearance aspect, you don’t have to be OCD to appreciate a clean and tidy kitchen. Starting with a simple open space to place your own personal chopping boards, we can expand on this with our exclusive hardwood chopping boards ensconced in their very own receptacle. Furthermore, we have the option to create chopping trolleys and butchers blocks in end grain walnut or oak with knife storage making a very attractive yet practical solution to the process.
Here is a portfolio showcasing some of the many and varied truly bespoke kitchen chopping board solutions we have been especially chosen and commissioned to design, create and install.