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Beautifully simple,
Simply beautiful.
001. Bespoke kitchen shaker style cabinetmakers Perrin and Rowe Armac Martin Farrow and Ball near Winchester, Hampshire


The joiners’s skilled art, talented handmade craftsmanship throughout.

Having created the dream plan, the obvious next matter of importance is surely the cabinetmakers turn? The construction methods, the materials proposed for the finished furniture? From mortice and tenon joints with dovetailed draws through to the technically innovative CNC propositions, all of our trusted, experienced and highly skilled cabinetmakers are fully practiced in the use of both the traditional and modern joinery techniques employed within the creation of your fine cabinetry.
The materials utilised in the fabrication of your bespoke kitchen will have all been carefully researched, scrutinised and responsibly sourced. The next stage being the production. Having now agreed on a delivery date, we can begin with the creation of the cabinetry for your dream kitchen. Our skilled craftsmen can now start work on the construction of your solid wood framed joinery utilising the cabinetmaking skills and joinery they take such great pride in.