CK Pig


Beautifully simple,
Simply beautiful.


Decadent Drinks, a cheeky tipple, sip, glug, dram, shot, snifter?

A home for your favourite bottle? We’ve got you covered. Whether this be gin, whisky, rum, wine, you name it, we relish the opportunity to create a unique and special place for the precious. There are so many ways to store your bottles, from racks incorporated into a kitchen cabinet, to a full cellar, we can accommodate all your boozy needs. We love giving these spaces a luxurious feel with brass details and mirrored backs – but whatever your style, we will find something for your home cellar, cabinet, room or bar that will make pouring yourself a glass at the end of a long day just that little bit more rewarding.
Here is a portfolio showcasing some of the many and varied truly bespoke drink and wine solutions we have been especially chosen and commissioned to design, create and install.