CK Pig


Beautifully simple,
Simply beautiful.


The most desired ‘given’ in any kitchen and the very first on any wish-list.

A larder, the greatest of places to keep bare necessities, the essentials to hand, all ship shape and Bristol fashion. Hiding away the ‘ugly’ microwaves and blenders when not in use but surely don’t we mean pantry? No: larders are a standalone cabinet and pantry’s are a separate dedicated anteroom. Both have the same function and fascination but each its own different character. The larder shines as a centrepiece in a bespoke kitchen, pure eye candy with its wonderful solid wood spice and oil racks, its cavernous yet accessible storage space and any configuration of doors and drawers to match.
Here is a portfolio showcasing some of the many and varied truly bespoke kitchen larder cabinets projects we have been especially chosen and commissioned to design, create and install.