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Ex-Display Kitchens UK and Order cancellations.

Here for your choosing is a selection of the current bespoke kitchen furniture available.

A very rare opportunity has arisen to purchase these ex display and cancelled order kitchens and furniture at an amazingly discounted price!

What you see here has no difference in quality or service to our highly acclaimed Charlie Kingham bespoke offer.

We service a trade demand from Developers, Architects and the building sector, some arrangements do not always go to plan and when this happens an opportunity arises for the discerning amongst you to step in and benefit from this. The main availability is due to order cancellations and projects not progressing through to completion along with concepts that we may have in development that we would like to trial. Our ‘stock’ is constantly changing so please check in with us if you are not seeing an option to suit your needs.

If you are not seeing what you would like, please do call to check
availability as this list is not always current and constantly changes ….


Ex Display Kitchens UK

Quality Affordable Kitchens
Here at Charlie Kingham Cabinets Makers, we pride ourselves in supplying you with luxury ex-display kitchens and cancelled order kitchens throughout the UK. We have gained a reputation for providing our customers with beautiful and practical kitchens at a fraction of their original price and our professional stress-free customer service. We pride ourselves on quality and what you will receive will be no different in terms of quality and service to our highly acclaimed Charlie Kingham bespoke kitchens – The only difference will be the price. Each and every ex-display or cancelled order kitchen is tested and inspected to ensure the highest standards have been met so that our customers receive only the highest quality. We regularly update our stock of ex-display kitchens so whether you are looking for a certain style, colour, features or storage options, a perfect kitchen for you can pop up so keep an eye out on our page.

We work closely with the trade sector including builders, developers and architects but unfortunately, some arrangements with kitchens do not go to plan. This gives us the opportunity to supply you with these kitchens at a heavily discounted rate. The majority of our ex-display kitchens come from order cancellations or kitchen projects which do not progress through to completion. Ultimately, this then leaves us with a pristine kitchen which has not been used, giving our customers a great opportunity to benefit from us.

Some people have many questions about ex-display kitchens but the three questions which most commonly arise are:

Has an Ex-Display Kitchen been used?
The answer to this is predominantly No. The majority of ex-display kitchens have become available from orders that have been cancelled or projects that have not been completed. Many of these kitchens are put on display in a showroom or stored away. As a result, the kitchen has never been used and has probably not even been into somebody’s home. You will find that cabinets, cookers, sinks, taps, and worktops etc are all in generally great condition.

Why is an Ex-Display Kitchen so affordable?
An ex-display kitchen is essentially in new condition so many people wonder why they are so heavily discounted. The reason for this is because these kitchens have been specially made per order and the order has either been cancelled or not progressed. This leaves us with a kitchen that would ultimately be thrown away. Here at Charlie Kingham Cabinet Makers UK, we understand that it is important to recycle and reuse and we believe that everyone deserves to have a chance of owning their perfect kitchen. This is why we would like to allow the opportunity for the kitchen to be used and enjoyed by another customer who may not be able to afford a brand new bespoke kitchen.

What are the benefits of choosing an Ex-Display Kitchen?
There are many benefits that come with buying an ex-display kitchen. Here are some of the main reasons you might want to consider them:

Realistically the most common reason people purchase ex-display kitchens is the affordable price. There are many people who dream about a new kitchen but simply cannot afford it or cannot find one within their budget. By purchasing an ex-display kitchen, not only do you save a considerable amount of money but you can also get a practically new kitchen to revamp your home.

Many customers find that buying an ex-display kitchen is far more convenient than selecting a brand new kitchen. When choosing a new kitchen, it can be very time consuming with all the planning, designing and choosing all of the cabinets, drawers, styles, colours and finishes etc. With an ex-display kitchen, you can skip this step as the kitchen is essentially already made and it will arrive to you quickly rather than waiting weeks or months for a brand new kitchen to arrive. All you have to do is plan the fitting of your kitchen. This is highly convenient for those with busy lifestyles or busy families as all the planning and stress is eliminated from the process of buying a new kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly?
Ex-display kitchens are an environmentally friendly way of updating your kitchen or revamping your home. Buying an ex-display or cancelled order kitchen means that all the materials and appliances are simply not being thrown away and can be recycled for another person to use. If each and every cancelled kitchen was thrown away, you can imagine the impact it would have on the environment so it will also contribute to a more sustainable way of living.

Looking for ex-display kitchens UK? Then look no further than Charlie Kingham Cabinet Makers. Our professional team can give you friendly, helpful advice and answer any questions you may have about buying an ex-display kitchen. We are regularly updating our list of ex-display kitchens but if you find your perfect kitchen or are not seeing a kitchen that is right for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can check stock and availability. We also deliver throughout the whole of the U.K. We look forward to hearing from you.