Our four unique bespoke kitchen collections

The kitchen, nowadays probably the most used room in the home. We love to spend our relaxation time in these wonderful rooms. Incorporating old club chairs and slouchy sofas where you can sit and read or just chill with a wonderfully warmed flat white or a chilled glass of your favourite tipple.

We at Charlie Kingham, in Surrey, have embraced this amazingly unencumbered lifestyle with our very own exclusive creative evolution of the traditional kitchens and their format.

Our bespoke cabinetry designs aim to encourage this way of living and maximise all that is needed to create the perfect ambience for your new Heart of the Home.

From our hand-painted bespoke shaker kitchens through to our bespoke classic English kitchens, you cannot help but fall for the unique and beautiful custom handmade kitchens we have to offer.

Our ‘KINGHAM’ quintessential shaker kitchen

Simplicity itself: the beautifully simple, yet simply beautiful traditional, utilitarian shaker-style kitchen.

“Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.”

Although often quoted and referred to as Shaker style, our quintessentially English kitchen cabinetry created for our hand painted kitchens has over the years developed its own unique and simply beautiful signature look that transcends trends, fads and time.

The subtle and utilitarian detailing that was traditionally hidden away ‘downstairs’ in the staff work kitchens of our historic houses is not something everybody quite gets but those that do will always love and cherish the beautifully understated charm of our bespoke kitchens.

Why stop there? We can beautify your scullery, pantry, larder, utility and boot rooms to compliment your shaker-style handmade kitchen.

Our ‘GEORGIAN’ classical English kitchen

Our wonderfully detailed, characterful, and period-inspired kitchen design.

Traditional kitchen craftmanship in all its glory: this bespoke kitchen takes its influences and style from the ‘upstairs’ of the grand stately homes of Great Britain, preserving the exquisite panelling, cornices and mouldings of the Georgian kitchens that give this furniture such grace and timeless elegance.

Maintaining the highest quality so honoured by the original English cabinetmakers, and without compromise, we create the finest traditional kitchen furniture.

The unique design and exclusive detailing we have so painstakingly researched and refined sets our period kitchens apart and hallmarks their delicate refinement, the essence of this collection’s attraction.

Our ‘STUDIO CK’ contemporary shaker kitchen

An inspiring modern day twist on the time-honoured shaker cabinetry we all know and love.

This is where we get a chance to indulge in a desire to ‘mess around’ with the traditional shaker kitchens concept. This really is a fusion of traditional and contemporary cabinetry and furniture. Studio CK is where we can be found labouring away on truly bespoke and unique kitchens exclusive to the client and creating that something special that really cannot be found anywhere else.

Whilst still representing the trademark cabinetry and quality associated with our designer kitchens, the unique materials and finishes embraced in the creation of our Studio CK projects are a wondrous and amazing arrangement of architectural simplicity and individuality.

These handmade contemporary kitchens are really something we relish creating and are often a beauty to behold and delight in.

Our ‘FOUNDRY’ industrial luxe kitchen

A fusion of retro and industrial mid-century styling with specialist artisan finishes.

Now this is where it gets interesting: a bespoke kitchen offer of something just that little bit different; a beautiful mix of classic and contemporary kitchen design.

Referencing the twentieth century and industrial composition, the use of rare electroplated ironmongery, along with reclaimed elements, aged patina finishes and subtle features portray these custom kitchens with such an unusual but magnificent presence and a delightful expression of individuality.

How could the artistry in one of our very unique handmade bespoke ‘FOUNDRY’ kitchens go unnoticed?