Kitchen Design Service

“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.” Joel Spolsky, creator of Trello


My design passion has only one equal and that is furniture. In particular, hand-painted bespoke kitchens. Combining this kindred pair makes for a powerful means to create the very best possible. They are always governed by my personal mantra: “Practical, then pretty”. One question I often ask myself, and this is a very important one for you to ask, is: “If the design is free, how good actually is it?”.

I have never charged for my kitchen design service up until now. It is something I never planned to do as I didn’t considered it work. When you love doing something that much, it is, to quote Vic Reeves, “always a pleasure, never a chore”. This great saying sums up how I felt.

This all leads to a little bad news followed by a big dollop of the good news, so stay with me!

The point I’m getting to is that Charlie Kingham now charges £150 for designing a kitchen to your instruction. Bloody liberty I hear you say! Please would you mind hearing the reasoning behind this determination.

When ‘potential clients’ commission me to design their kitchen, the process entails a lot of time and effort on our behalf. We have no qualms about the amount of work and relish the opportunity, of course! But this also carries a cost to us. The £150 levied doesn’t even come close to covering a tenth of what we incur.

What really forced me to make this decision to charge was the occasions when potential clients would fail to return to look at the designs they had commissioned before any quote was given.

Fortunately, here’s that big dollop of good news! Although I will be levying a fee, this is fully refundable against your return to consider the inspiring designs we fashioned to your instruction.

The important word to note is ‘consider’, not purchase. Just afford us the courtesy of taking a ‘butchers’, having a gander. That’s it, as simple as that. One look and your hard earned Wonga will be returned in its entirety. None of that ‘money back when you buy’ here!

So summing up, in reality, there really isn’t a charge if you are prepared to follow up on the instructions administered by your good self. One added bonus, we will supply you with a full set of plans and elevations to keep and view at your leisure, all gratis. Yes people, a full Charlie Kingham kitchen design service package worth a serious amount for FREE!

Click the image below to view a sample set of Charlie Kingham design plans and elevations.


Next up, CGI renders. When looking to make what is for some clients the biggest purchase after their home, is it really prudent to base your decision on a set of 2D black and white line drawings?

Folks, this is your dream kitchen we are talking about here. Are you really going to chance it to the line drawings when we can offer you the opportunity to see the finished project in all of its 3D colour glory?

If commissioned, we can create a portfolio of chromatic CGI renders that will not only blow your socks off, it will give you the nearest impression to reality of what your finished handmade bespoke kitchen will finally look like.

All things considered, it’s a bit of a no brainer, wouldn’t you say?

Click the image below to view a sample of an amazing Charlie Kingham chromatic CGI render portfolio.


Why stop there? Following on from all the above, we can create a short ‘Hollywood Blockbuster’ video (with some popcorn). Created with a clever fusion of your Black & White plans and the CGI renders. This epic movie will work across devices including the TV, phone and iPad. Yours to keep and all, adding to the experience of a lifetime for you to treasure.

Here is a sample of an amazing Charlie Kingham ‘Blockbuster’ video:


All too good to be true? Well, almost. Here’s more bad news followed by the good.

The colour CGI portfolio will set you back £350 and the video an extra £150 (no video without prior purchase of CGI portfolio).

Luckily for you, there is also some good news. Both are fully refundable upon placement of an order with a paid deposit. In all seriousness, joking aside, this is a real bargain considering the portfolio alone would cost in the region of £1800.

Taking all this in, would you not agree that any charges levied have got to be the soundest investment and bargain of a lifetime?



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