A insight to our bespoke handmade kitchen installers

“Cometh the hour, cometh our men”

Our Charlie Kingham kitchen installers. The heroes of the hour! (… or so they’d like to think!)

It’s easy to forget everything that went before. The trees giving up their very being (luckily for them they will find immortality in the glory of a Charlie Kingham hand-painted shaker kitchen); the designers wielding their pencils to great effect; the cabinetmakers fashioning the wood and actually painted this beauty.

Earnestly, they are, in the eyes of the clients (and us of course), the dream makers, the fantasy fulfillers. These masters of their craft will amaze you with their ingenuity and dexterity. With a proficiency born of experience, they will become the creators of an exquisitely crafted handmade bespoke kitchen right before your very eyes.

It’s the final stage and we are now in the client’s home. Hopefully not for too long as we really shouldn’t be outstaying our welcome. But these things really cannot be rushed.

Up close and personal now, our installation virtuosos are now in the house and looking to be as quiet, clean and tidy as possible. Treating this place as if it were their  own whilst maintaining a respectful and courteous disposition. Should this ever not be the case, please let me know and it’s the naughty step for them!

All joking aside, it is no easy task being an installation team. We really do have an immense pride for the way our ‘boys’ carry themselves and represent the name, Charlie Kingham.

In the completion of your kitchen, the chaps will at all times be using only premium tools and equipment. Any craftsman at this level would use no less. Top of their ‘loves’ list is Festool and Makita, the finest apparatus and devices money can buy and rightly so. When it comes to assisting their expertise, technique and competence, only the very best will do!

In support of their endeavours is the studio. At all stages, they are overseen and project managed by Charlie and his dedicated ‘reinforcements’ team of bespoke kitchens installers. Ready to jump in in anyway necessary to ensure these guys ‘on the ground’ are never without whatever it takes to get the job done (…and properly).

Employing only the very best and most skilled craftsmen for this most important of stages is a given. From the bespoke kitchens installers (normally qualified cabinetmakers themselves), right through to the artisan painters and the highly proficient stonemasons, you can rest assured that your dream is in the most respectful, skilled and safe hands. The accomplished finishes they will achieve is nothing short of spectacular and will be their, your and our pride and joy.

Our installation teams will always respectfully and passionately instate your kitchen to the highest standards (ours).

How would you like to witness a handmade bespoke kitchen dream coming true!