Guide to bespoke kitchen shelf solutions

No shelf life here, just eternal joy

Now this is where we would like to think we can really excel! So easily unnoticed, these very useful components of any kitchen need to be given the same thought and planning as your bespoke cabinets.

These little wall flowers, with the right attention to design, will impress anyone who has an eye for exquisite, subtle detail. Bespoke shelves really are the master understatement.

But here’s the dilemma: where to start?

There are so many options available, almost all of them as beautiful as the next. It really boils down to a personal preference but we recommend you do keep an eye on the surrounding elements and architecture within the space. You will need to consider alcoves, beams, ceiling height and all the quirks of your kitchen as your shelving should complement the layout, flow and style of the space seamlessly. This will help your shelves to stand out as an integral and elegantly prominent feature.

You would have thought some simple shelving would be easy to deal with! The endless options available can leave you a little confused as to what choice to make so why not leave it to the experts? Namely us!

Calling on all our experience and knowledge gleaned over the years addressing this component, here is our ‘givens’. Not a definitive list, as there are so many ways these can be approached, but a selection of our favourites.

Let’s start with the easiest but sweetest gallow bracket. The simplest of all in some ways, with its minimalistic appearance. In the pantry image above, see how beautifully and effortlessly they compliment the room set? Wooden shelf tops are the authentic preference but you could break the norm and choose slate top shelving instead, turning it into a purposeful cold shelf. Add a dark colour paint to your shelves  to contrast perfectly with your Perrin & Rowe brass kitchen taps.

Next is our charming cast ‘ironbridge’ support available in various metals including cast iron, brass and chrome. These beauties are forged from an original 19th century pattern. Maintaining a historical character, they carry an aesthetic that is hard to resist! Check out these graceful charmers right here in our project.

Up next is one of my personal favourites. It can be configured and adapted so flexibly and can serve many purposes. Its main, true function is of course a plain old shelf. But when supported by the distinctive Georgian gorgeously scalloped bracket, there is not much that is plain about this one!

It can be easily tailored by increasing the format. With the addition of a back plate and some of our exclusively hand-turned shaker pegs, you now have a wonderful clothes horse that can grace any hallway or boot room.

Lastly (but not really, because this list really could be endless!), a standalone wall-hung dresser. These lovies can be used in many ways. Books? You have yourself a mini library. Groceries? Now it’s a convenient larder. The possibilities end where your imagination stops.

As I said earlier, this is not a determining lineup, just a few of our ‘amours’.

I will soon be following up on this post with an ‘up close and personal’ take on the wonderfully detailed elements that go towards creating good shelving. So make sure you follow our latest posts and check it out when the time comes!

Why not drop some of the wall cabinets and see what beauty a shelf can bring to the mix?