Our Luxury Kitchens Cinema Experience

Star of stage and screen, your exquisite handmade bespoke kitchen!

Why leave such an important matter as your dream kitchen to the imagination? No need, we have the solution. You’ll love to drop in and visit our special cinema room to have a look at your custom designs. 

With your wish list in our possession, we (Charlie and his committed custom kitchen design team) get to work on creating a unique and exclusive design, having taken on board and listened carefully to all of your considerations, inspirations, thoughts and wishes.

In all projects, the dispositions, habits and lifestyle of the clients and their family, along with their home and its architectural character are carefully considered within the final proposal of our handmade luxury kitchen outline.

This is where your vision can start to become a bit more than a fantasy. We like to convey the very best visual depiction of the finished kitchen. Right here, in our dedicated state of the art 4k cinema room, the virtual really does become a reality. With ingenuity and mastery, we create impressive CGI renders. Our art of moviemaking and the technological set up of our unique video suite will have you feeling like you are right there in Hollywood.

We will take your 2D black and white design to a whole other level. First, we develop a set of computer generated images from the wonderfully conceived CAD drawings of your project. We then fuse the drawings and images together seamlessly. Finally, we bring these to full motion in the editing studio. Our aim is to convey the most thorough portrayal of the finished design; a personalised Block Buster!

Flowing on to the next ‘episode’: a 70” Sony 4K HD colour LED screen, coupled with the latest Sonos surround sound. This duo, with vibrant sound and richly detailed realism, are matchless. They will truly take you into another dimension, enabling you to picture as accurately as possible the kitchen you have always dreamed of.

This chromatic experience shouldn’t be missed, especially as you consider investing such a large amount into a handmade shaker style kitchen.

With popcorn to accompany this, how can you possibly miss out on an opportunity of this nature?