Why we love Wolf cooking appliances

The hottest little number to grace any kitchen.

In 2000, Sub-Zero finally found its kitchen soul mate when it introduced Wolf cooking appliances. The new millennium certainly marked a very new and exciting chapter in the history of Sub-Zero, acquiring the company Wolf Gourmet, a market leader in captivating cooking appliances since 1933.

It decisively brought professional temperature control into the hands of home ‘chefs’, fully supported with a 50-product  ambitious launch. Carrying a refinement throughout more than eighty years in kitchens, the durability and technology along with the design of Wolf (and the newly introduced Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances) make it the ideal kitchen partner to Sub-Zero.

Jim Bakke, reflecting on the future, considers what his forbearer Westye Bakke would think of this 21st century offer if he was to browse through the stunning kitchens in our gallery and see how they reflect the progressing innovation of the company he created. All accompanied by the boundless imagination of the architects, designers and homeowners we are all so honoured to work along side.

Like most companies, we’re ever so pleased with the success we’ve had, and the genuine pleasure we’ve brought to so many Wolf and Sub-Zero owners as they enjoy life in their new handmade bespoke kitchens. But we know we would never be forgiven if we were to rest on our laurels. Besides, we can hardly wait to see what the next generation of Wolf and Sub-Zero kitchens is going to look like.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that we always have to have innovation in our blood,” says Jim Bakke. “We always need to keep our products moving forward, ahead of the competition. Whether it’s with design, whether it’s with technology, with performance, reliability, customer service – you’ve always got to keep innovating and moving forward. That’s what makes our future so bright.”

Some like to nickname these illustrious appliances the ‘Monsters’.

We like to refer to these handsome cooking machines as the ‘Beasts’ (you ever tried moving one?).

It’s our affectionate term of endearment for a much respected icon and remarkable brand.

The validation of these ‘beasts’ is in the amount of professional and celebrity star chefs currently utilising these luxury beauties set up in their homes as well as their studios.

These prominent superstar personalities know what cooks best and justify their choice in the build quality to cope with the kitchen needs and demands that they expect – and Wolf delivers! 

“If you build a quality product, you will always have customers”

Westye F. Bakke!

How can you argue with Westye’s logic , his proof must surely be in the pudding?