Britain’s Best Bespoke Kitchen Maker

Britain’s Best Bespoke Kitchen Maker, right here in Guildford? 

Kicking off with a very bold statement, aren’t we! Can that really say what you thought it said? Britain’s very best bespoke kitchen maker? Right here in Guildford? Let’s add a small caveat here: almost.

Charlie has gone and got himself nominated for this rather prestigious title, so technically not *quite* yet but we are ever the optimists. Still, win, lose or draw, that puts the man himself right up there in the country’s top five. Sometimes showing a modicum of modesty and humility is required. And sometimes it’s okay to blow your own trumpet , especially about such a huge achievement. After all, the competition he’s up against makes this a true David and Goliath story.

Let’s start by bookending this with [a celebration dinner] earlier this year hosted by EKBB magazine to celebrate ‘Bespoke Britain’. By invitation only, they gathered together what they believed to be the 20 very best bespoke kitchen designers in the country , such as Charlie Smallbone and Humphrey Munson, to sit down together and endorse all that is special about what we are achieving as an industry and as a country. Well guess who was one of the chosen few? Only little old Charlie! What an honour for Charlie Kingham to be recognised in this way among the greatest craftsmen our country boasts today.

You can read more about it here 

You may have already [read about] The World of Interiors launching The Interiors Index earlier this year: a catalogue of businesses that reflect the magazine’s ethos of quality and style. In it, we are described as a leading brand in handcrafted cabinetry for luxury interiors with individual projects completed meticulously and with refinement. Praise such as this is always such an honour and really makes all the hard work we put into our design completely worth it. 

Not long after the Bespoke Britain Project we heard rumours of a nomination. Then confirmation came in: Charlie Kingham has been shortlisted for Best Bespoke Kitchen cabinetmaker at the ekb&business awards 2019.

From the country’s top 20 to the country’s top five.

Being recognised for the quality, unique craft central to every project we undertake is something truly special. We eagerly await the results coming in at the end of this year, but to have made it this far fills us with immense pride.

So where are we? We’ve not been here very long but you may have already walked passed the quaint corner building that houses the stunning Charlie Kingham showroom in historic Guildford centre – or perhaps you have spied us in local publications. Charlie Kingham set up shop just two years ago in Surrey and although he may be a new name in the area, he has been working hard at his craft for almost ten years now. After years of working in creative roles, including designing for many high-end bespoke kitchen companies, Charlie finally found the career path that he passionately follows today. He originally set up shop in Marylebone, in an ex-bakery, before relocating the showroom to Guildford. You can find the full story here

Authentic, bespoke, handmade kitchens are his master craft and with every project completed, his reputation has grown. Culminating this year, 2019, with the recognition we firmly believe was due despite the challenges the industry has faced! 

Charlie kingham’s truly bespoke cabinetry is aimed at helping clients create their dream project exactly how they envisioned it. Their heritage and experience, along with traditional joinery methods and the cabinet maker skills possessed by all of Charlie’s staff mean they are able to craft anything the client asks for, from a single free standing piece through to large scale kitchens complete with pantries and utility rooms. Customer service, project management, the hard-working installation teams and artisan hand painters are all a part of what makes Charlie so proud of his ‘crew’ and his business. 


And who knows, you may just have the country’s best bespoke kitchen maker right here on your doorstep! No matter what the outcome is, Charlie and his team will not stop providing the best quality and experience for each and every one of his valued customers.