EKBB’s Bespoke Britain Project celebration

In June this year there was a rather exclusive celebration dinner held in the heart of London. We may have mentioned it before! But we thought you might want to find out what really went on, how special this event was and just get to know a little more about it.

The award-winning consumer interiors magazine Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom (EKBB) put on a prestigious event to celebrate Bespoke Britain. The invitation only guest list was impressive to say the least: the task in hand not so easy, getting 20 of the most renowned and very best bespoke kitchen furniture designers and cabinetmakers to be found in Britain (probably should have been called ‘The Ego’s Clash) gathered around one table, the carrot and stick being a delectable four-course lunch at the infamous Groucho’s club in Soho, London(doesn’t take much to get this rabbles snouts in the trough).

Alongside the big fish, Charlie Smallbone and Tom Howley, you may have spotted a familiar face. Yes, Charlie Kingham took pride of place at the roundtable event, debating with the great the meaning of bespoke and how the industry can progress in today’s market.


So how come all the best of the very best and top industry players were gathered together?

An exceptional and significant event aptly titled ‘Bespoke Britain’ inspired by Thomas Chippendale’s 300 year anniversary. Chippendale was the forefather of British cabinet making, made to order. The event was, in some ways, a toast to next 300 years of great British bespoke cabinet making!

You’ve heard us talk an awful lot about how versatile the bespoke furniture industry is and how future-proofing and sustainability are key to any project taken on by a reputable British handmade kitchen company. The event was a chance for this select group to discuss just how bespoke furniture is more relevant than ever and how, as the country’s best designers, they can continue to evolve while remaining grounded in the beauty of this traditional craft.

It was an honour and a pleasure for Charlie to take part in this ekbb celebration and the team is very proud that he is being given the recognition he so rightly deserves. That said, as big as head might be getting, he’s still loves to welcome one and all to the Guildford kitchen design studio to see if he can help with some help and advice on any project you maybe looking to undertake.