White chocolate and saffron truffles

The perfect sweet treat!

’Tis the season for indulgence! What better than some rich, soft and creamy truffles as an after-dinner treat?


75ml Dairy cream

50g Grated white chocolate

125g milk chocolate

100g White chocolate


Step 1 Attach and plug the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl and Flex edge beater to the stand mixer. Add milk chocolate, saffron and cream.

Step 2 Select chocolate tempering program and press start

Step 3 Turn Speed Control Lever to 1 and blend melted chocolate.

Step 4 Remove chocolate cream from inner bowl to a tray using a spatula and refrigerate

Step 5 Clean the inner bowl and beater and place them back on the stand mixer. Add the white chocolate. Select chocolate tempering program and press start.

Step 6 Turn Speed Control Lever to 1 and blend melted chocolate.

Step 7 While melting white chocolate, scoop out small truffle balls, using a melon baller.

Step 8 Drop the truffles one by one into the melted white chocolate and lift them out with a chocolate fork. Roll the shaped truffles in grated white chocolate.

Step 9 Place truffles in candy cups and store in airtight container in refrigerator until just before serving.



Whisky cream will match perfectly with the saffron and white chocolate: to be added when melting the filling.

Try rolling the truffles in coconut flakes rather than white chocolate for a (slightly) healthier alternative!

For a luxurious treat that will surely please your dinner guests, have a go at these delicious and easy to make truffles!These sweet treats would also make a perfect Christmas gift when wrapped in boxes with a glittery ribbon tied around. Whatever the event or reason, these white chocolate truffles are definitely worth trying out!

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