The Masters at Mauviel

Let us share with you the secret of the copper kings!

Ernest, the first name of a designer of genius who’s first name was known by very few. His surname, Mauviel, however, then and now, is synonymous with the products manufactured in his traditional workshop.

Ernest’s descendants have inherited his great passion. Seven generations separate Ernest, the Founder, at the start of this great adventure, to Valérie, today, this company is the flagship, of the Bay of Mount St Michael, it glorifies the kitchens of professionals and individuals, in France and abroad. Even today, Mauviel adapts to the ever-changing appliance market.

They have the ability to thrive and ‘entertain’ the culinary inclinations whilst safeguarding the heritage. The goods winging their merry way to professionals, are always manufactured in copper, an imperial material by rendition. The very best of all metallurgic  heat conductors.

Making advancements  on the red metal, the family discovered the aptitude to develop and innovate. Engineering with elements such as cast iron, aluminium and more so with multi layered stainless steel who’s performances match the properties of copper. Thanks to its creativity and prevailing spirit, Mauviel 1830 is the only company in the world that has the expertise to fashion so many metals. Positioning it at the highest level of distinction.

Valérie Le Guern Gilbert, 7th generation in the the family’s linage, In 2006, took over the family run Company and breathed new life and inspiration going forward. Focusing on the production process, and the augmentation of new development. She brings a deep passion passed down from her forbearers. She puts in place a will to protect the reputation as a guarantee to their sign of their excellence.

Day in and day out, a dedicated team of 70 craftsmen sculpt, fabricate, forge, beat, burnish, impress, and create many hundreds of the finest pieces of cookware and utensils for their namesake.

The craftsman  fashioning and hand making the revered and cult pieces such as the fish kettle, requires a honed skill. These are bequeathed from one generation to another within the foundry. Not a single robot is ‘employed’. Thus allowing them to produce bespoke pieces. They remain the sole company conveying such a wide selection of finish and configurations to meet the satisfactions of each and every  customer.

The family has continually contributed for over 200 years a level of quality to all its collections.

The ability, skill and dexterity of our craftsmen is a beyond reproach and matchless.
In Villedieu Les Poeles, since the XIth century, this expertise has been passed down from generation to generation.

In 2017, the occupation of coppersmith (chaudronnerie in the vernacular), in its most noble shape has become an art.

Mauviel 1830 cherishes this intercity and heritage. So to enjoy many more years, as the finest in their field, a training centre has been opened to embrace bestow the inherited skills of hand sculpting, forging and embossing.

The future of these crafts is in their hands and those of apprentice craftsman. They are all welcomed in to the dedicated new centre of excellence to learn this treasured knowledge and art form.

Desired and adored by the most esteemed gourmets around the world, Mauviel’s pots and pans have achieved a prominence for being the finest cookware money can buy.

Long live  the finest copper pots and pans this side of the Seine!

A true investment that just keeps giving back, would you not say?