Our love for La Cornue

The truly quintessential heart of the home.

Vive la France, vive la liberté!

Two words, two epoch; originality and authenticity.

Carrying a connection from the continual seeking of perfection and mastery in culinary techniques.

From the very beginning in 1908, from generation to generation, La Cornue have endorsed the spiritual fire that is the pride of our gourmets.

“The expertise of our people, the materials chosen, refinement of every detail, mastership of techniques and unceasing improvement, the essence of our work and our voracity for excellence are the forces that propel us. Leading us constantly to craft extraordinary and tailor-made collections and other creations that will bring your scrumptious cooking dreams to life.”

For over a century, they have strived to build on the tradition of Albert Dupuy by safeguarding their particular savoir-faire while still advancing whilst constantly pursuing innovation and regenerating in pursuit of one ambition—the gratification of our clientele.

As a living, breathing part of French culture and heritage, La Cornue carry with all their heart and soul the flame of ‘esprit de corps’ and the art of French individuality.

For chefs, gourmets, gastronomes and anyone with a culinary passion.

Being a member of Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (Enterprises of Living Heritage) and l’Excellence Française, La Cornue has been challenged with protecting and passing on the matchless savoir-faire of our people.

“At Chez La Cornue, specialised innovations are partial to our integrity of craftsmanship. Our artisans are never replaced by the innovations, but somewhat serve their talents. Their love and pride of a job well done is treasured.

Every last La Cornue Château is the authentic and enumerated work of one of our craftsman—our companions. It is created singularly to order, individually, fabricated by a sole ‘compagnon’.  They will take with great care and attention, all that is necessary to make it an individual piece.

Our clientele, by necessity, desire a product that functions and is of the finest quality. Every step of the way is considered: when deciding upon a supplier, when producing metal or stove bodies, when finishing the enamel, in the course of inspection and eventual assembly.

On completion of our goal, the pride and joy of a La Cornue customer is our best ambassador, and our biggest reward.”

We believe that La Cornue, dubbed the “French Aga” (what higher accolade and recognition), are deserving of nothing less than the highest praise! Which is why we love to use their range cookers in our Charlie Kingham kitchens. 

A wondrous advancement for Anglo-French relationships, these high performance La Cornue range cookers, with their unique charm and identity, instantly gain a place in the hearts of their blissfully proud possessors.

With your choice of finishes, combinations of materials, and almost unlimited colour options, what more could you ask for?