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Our total service and the process

From the first inkling of an idea, we, as your handmade bespoke kitchen designers, will accompany you along the journey until the moment you step into your simply beautiful new handmade bespoke kitchen. We will be there every step of the way utilising our years of experience, knowledge and understanding to expertly guide you to the end goal: your dream handmade bespoke kitchen.

This is what we call our total service. Covering every stage from the initial design brief right through to the finished installation, we offer full support in every aspect of the commissioned project. We can also offer a full turnkey operation in conjunction with our sister building division Kingham Construction specialising in complete refurbishments and extensions.

Read on for a much more comprehensive overview of the exciting voyage ahead.

The Design Experience

CKC Design Studio, where the journey begins.

In the exclusive and private surroundings of the studio set up to be the most conducive environment and ambience to creating the perfect kitchen, we will sit and listen to your desires.

Taking on board your thoughts and requirements to develop a design brief, the process begins right here in our dedicated clients CKC Design Studio, the hub of the handmade kitchen designers team.

With all of these extensively researched and considered materials and components to hand, a balanced and defined atmosphere is established to promote the inimitable blueprint for your project.

The resources in place will cover all you should ever need, from paint companies and colours through to ironmongery, appliances, sinks, taps, work tops and detailing samples – the inspirational sparks will truly fly.

Our inclusive reference files and library are completely emotive, but should we have possibly missed something you want, need or desire we can assure you that we have never failed to source a client’s request.

Cinematic Creation

Where the vision becomes virtual reality

Moving on to the next stage, having completed the design experience and we now have your wishlist, Charlie and his dedicated handmade kitchen designers team will now get to work on fashioning a unique and exclusive design having taken on board and listened carefully to all of your considerations, inspirations, thoughts and wishes.

In every project undertaken, the personalities and lifestyle of the clients, their family, along with their home and its architectural character will have been carefully contemplated and   represented fully within the  final  creation of our handmade bespoke kitchen outline.

With the importance of the investment being made to this project and to communicate and deliver the most thorough representation of the proposed design, we felt it only fair that we convey the very best visual depiction of the finished kitchen that we possibly could so having invested heavily over the past year we will then invite you to review our submission rendered with 4K ultra high definition CGI’s in our state of the art presentation room, a true cinematic experience (pop corn is supplied).

The Cabinetmaker's Art

Bespoke handmade craftsmanship throughout

Having created the dream plan with our handmade kitchen designers, the obvious next matter of importance is surely the manufacturing process? The construction methods, the materials proposed for the finished furniture?

From mortice and tenon joints with dovetailed draws through to the technically innovative CNC propositions, all of our trusted, experienced and highly skilled cabinetmakers are fully practiced in the use of both the traditional and modern joinery techniques employed within the creation of your fine cabinetry.

The materials utilized in the fabrication of your handmade bespoke kitchen will have all been carefully researched, scrutinized and responsibly sourced.

The next stage being the production. Having now agreed on a delivery date, we can begin with the creation of the cabinetry for your dream kitchen. Our skilled craftsmen can now start work on the construction of your solid wood framed joinery utilising the cabinetmaking skills and joinery they take such great pride in.

Intuitive Installation

Respectful, skillful and experienced

The final stage is overseen by Charlie and his dedicated production support team. Our installation teams will respectfully and passionately instate your kitchen to the highest standards (ours).

We only employ the most skilled craftsmen for this most important of stages, from the fitters through to the artisan hand painters and the highly proficient stonemasons, you can rest assured that your ‘dream’ is in the most respectful, skilled and safest of hands. The finish they will achieve is nothing short of spectacular and will be theirs and yours, pride and joy.

A dream come true!

Our Heritage

From humble beginnings

Charlie Kingham, the name and the business came to into ‘being’ in early 2010 (around tea time). Many years previous carried a vast array of creative experiences that all led to the path that Charlie so passionately follows now, so after much searching (Soul and London), he settled on Marylebone and the most charming little ex bakery shop on Chiltern Street.

Having previously designed for many of the highest end ‘bespoke’ kitchen companies, Charlie realised his dealings with the many and varied clients and interior designers had gained  him great experience and this was something he relished.

However, Charlie was increasingly becoming frustrated at how they were being looked after beyond his control.

Realising what was important to them and what was needed to satisfy their needs, it appeared to him that there was only one option, put his own name above the door.

That’s a bit about the person,  here’s a bit about the team, it’s no one man band you know!

Charlie Kingham’s bespoke furniture offer is aimed at helping you create your dream project with the best handmade kitchen designers at hand. Calling on the heritage and experience accompanied by the traditional joinery methods and cabinetmakers skills, we can now craft all you could ever want, from a single freestanding piece right through to custom furniture for all rooms and even complete home interior commissions.

Our reputation has not been built on our cabinetmaking and design skills alone, acting on Charlie’s original frustrations, we would also like to think that our customer service, project management, installation teams and artisan hand painters have all grown into a cohesive team that are now part of this  successful progression and are second to none.

Drawing on our heritage, we aim to create a uniquity in design that makes your project a very personal and exclusive experience.
The kettle tap is always on, why not pay us a visit, you will soon start to enjoy the special service and unique relationship we develop with all our clients.

Our Guarantee

Built to last a lifetime so why would the warranty be any less?

It’s as much a promise as a guarantee, we feel our word is most definitely our bond.
With our top notch handmade kitchens designers and having put such great efforts into having our highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen, installers and painters create the foremost furniture utilising the finest materials supported by the most diligent project management, it would surely be remiss of us to not uphold this commitment with an endorsement that carries a lifetime guarantee.

Paying Testimony

Our Fifteen Minutes

Our Whereabouts

Top of the hill, opposite the post office, next to Hampton’s.

Front door of Charlie Kingham Guildford showroom ajar with open sign on display.
Map Pin

8 Chertsey Street


01483 338888


Assured Cover

Total cover insurance for your peace of mind and security throughout.

Did you know that Construction is officially the highest risk industry in the country?
Your construction project may be simple and straightforward or complicated and complex. Either way, you need credible and reliable tradesmen and it is so important that they have the right cover in place at all times.
In short, construction is a potentially dangerous profession, so we need to protect you and our team, not just physically, but legally and financially too.
At Charlie Kingham and Kingham Construction, we take our responsibilities very seriously and the high-risk aspects of it.
We’re dedicated to making sure that we have the right insurances in play to cover most unforeseen and unfortunate eventuality that can happen to the best of us.
We do this for your peace of mind and safety in your dealings with us.
To have the following cover in place, please feel free to request a current copy of our policy showing all you need to know.
Employers liability – If you employ and pay staff, whether directly or to sub-contractors, who don’t have their own insurance, you need to have employer’s liability in place. Employers Liability Insurance covers any staff or sub-contractors we maybe using. Did you know, if we pay wages directly to sub-contractors, they’re legally your employees if that equates to over 20% if their income. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to make sure we have cover in place for them in case they get injured or develop work-related health issues.
Employers Liability insurance cover we hold: £10 million.
Public Liability – We need to have policies such as Public Liability Insurance in place too, in case an employee’s actions injure a member of the public.
Public & Products Liability insurance cover we hold:
• £5 million, including damage to property being worked on.
Additional to this we also hold the following cover:
• Financial Loss: £100,000.
• Professional Indemnity: £100,000.
Health and Safety – It’s also important that we follow the Health & Safety guidelines designed keep our staff safe at all times too. Failing to do so could impact any insurance claim we make – or that could be made against us.
Without a valid insurance policy in place, the cost of a claim against you could bankrupt our business and destroy our livelihood.
It’s our desire to make sure we avoid that happening.


A lean, green, Earth-loving machine!
Making sure we leave this place how we found it…

… and hopefully making a slight improvement for the future generations to enjoy it just as much as us. We recognise that our activities within the furniture and construction industry will impact on the environment. It is our belief that our performance as an established building and construction business is measured not only in our profitability but also by minimising our negative impacts on the environment that we share with all of our stakeholders and with other communities and species around the UK. We have established this environmental policy to reflect our commitment to minimise our negative environmental impacts that arise from our business activities. It is our policy to:
Assign appropriate resources to maintain this policy and to comply with all relevant regulatory, legislative, codes of practice and other requirements.
Operate an Environmental Management System that forms part of our fully integrated management system with a philosophy of continual improvement.
Minimise waste at source; where waste production is unavoidable, we will implement practices and procedures to divert waste from landfill, where practicable.
Prevent any form of pollution and to protect ecology affected by our activities.
Reduce resource consumption, where practicable, whilst maintaining our business objectives.
Communicate with local communities as necessary to minimise any environmental disturbances caused by our activities.
Provide necessary information, instruction, supervision and training to our employees and contractors to make them aware of the environmental responsibilities faced by us as a business and by them as individuals in achieving all of the above.
We intend to continually be responsible for the development of these policies, which will be reviewed as necessary it will be prominently displayed at all offices, sites and work places and is available to all interested parties.
Building is a key element of what we do but we cover a whole lot more, we put your needs and safety first with every project we work on.
We aim to deliver excellent working relationships with all of our clients using our vast experience and knowledge.

Total Service

How we intend to enact. Our mission statement.

Charlie Kingham & Kingham Construction Company endeavours to be the strongest proponent in providing value-added and market competitive furniture, joinery, refurbishments, building and construction services along with technical and management services to all of our clients by creating a successful long term collaboration with them throughout the entire process of their commissioned project.
Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through maintaining and implementing the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with exceptional performance by every member of our motivated, flexible, and focused team, suppliers, subcontractors and professional associates.
We will strive to ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by exceptional customer service and satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, cleanliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes.
By listening and understanding, we aim to add value for clients through dependability, reliability, innovation, foresight and an impressive driven performance with exceptionally crafted workmanship based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs.

Making The Team

If you love what you do, you’ll never ‘work’ a day here

Charlie and the handmade kitchen designers team are always looking to work alongside people of a like mind with a serious passion (bordering on obsession) for their chosen vocation in life.
If you feel an affinity with any part of what we are aiming to achieve then check out this section for any possible opportunities that may be open at this time, even if you don’t see an opening available but feel you would like to still try and ‘get on the team’, then drop us line with a bit about yourself, who knows?

Privacy Policy

Sssshhhh, the Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole stuff.

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Watch out for the Monster.

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