Other rooms

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Believe it or not, there is life and other rooms outside of your beautiful Charlie Kingham kitchen

To tease you out into this new world of discovery, here is a selection from some of the fine bespoke projects we have been fortunate enough to have been commissioned to create along with some ideas and inspiration from Charlie and his dream design team in Surrey.

The Pantry

Our way of making a food haven into a food heaven

These quintessentially English classics have served well and true for many years.

Practical yet pretty, basic but beautiful, they stir up wonderfully nostalgic thoughts of glorious times: a waft of fresh produce, preserves in the making, grand feasts being conjured.

Now’s the time for the return of these gorgeous storage and preparation parlours.

If you have the space, why not let us see what we can do?

The Utility Room

Our ‘spin’ on making the wash day a special one

Conveniently tucked away, why should this practical space be the ugly duckling? This often neglected dumping ground can very easily become your little hidden gem. We can take those washer and dryers and transform this messy area into a beauty to behold.

Picture a mix of a sweet little Belfast sink, bridge taps, a raw oak top and freestanding cabinets with our exclusive shaker handles formed from original patterns over 300 years old and cast iron bracketed shelves with the simplest of cornice: now it’s charmed!

The Boot Room

Our working of how a boot room can really shine

Please excuse the poor pun! Although it actually is the end goal: a room that shines through all the mud and mess, a place where even the most untidy array of wellies, scarves, hats and boots still can’t hide the attraction of the perfectly formed furniture we design.

Throw a big old Belfast sink into the foray along with some bowls, a stick with a lead and now it’s the proverbial  ‘Doghouse’ for the most treasured of hounds!

The Scullery

Our vision of how to really deal with the dirty dishes

Sculleries no less. What are they some ask? Well, they are a beauty to behold when given the Charlie Kingham treatment, not an easy task when you consider the scullery was first and foremost a back-in-the-day dishwasher. 

Their purpose was truly a washing up anteroom adjacent to the main kitchen, purposed with the concerns of crockery.

Nowadays, they can still be taken to task for this function but given our passion for the traditional aesthetic, they can also become a stunning feature of any home.

The Garden Room

Our ideas for the most perfect of plant rooms

A shed is fine and perfect for purpose but will it ever be as good as a gorgeously designed dedicated area for all of those necessary essentials that take pride of place in your horticultural dominion?

Why not put us to task? Let us get going on creating a purposeful and most pleasing room full of character and charm that inspires you to get out there and let those green fingers loose. If cultivation is a true passion, surely you deserve one of our plant rooms!

The Wine Room

Our showcasing of your most precious fine tipple

Our biggest cellars…! All joking aside, It really goes without saying that we have to be on our best behaviour here as we are dealing with one of the client’s most important belongings.

When entrusted with the privilege of looking after the ‘loved ones’, we like to think they could be in no better hands. 

We have been fortunate enough to be trusted with the conception and production of some very fine wine rooms and cellars along with the odd ‘G&T’ and whisky cabinet.

The Play Room

Our fabrication of the fun and frolics ‘playground’.

The little ones’ space doesn’t have to look like an explosion in a toy factory!

This space is where all the fun begins and the carnage ends. Why not let us create some furniture that helps you cope with the inevitable mess and sometimes chaos?

We can transform this space into an inspirational place of organised peace and tranquility for you and the little hands that cannot wait to undo all (y)our hard work. We can only try, bless the little treasures!

The Bedroom

Our fashioning of the finest dream makers

Bedroom or dressing room, we treat them both with the same love.And walk in wardrobes? We love them even more as we know how special they are to you for all your finest couture.

Let us transform the humble space into your own presidential suite. Adding some beautifully hand-crafted furniture, from headboards, to full beds, side cabinets, dressing tables and wardrobes, all tastefully lit, fully fitted and with a place for everything. What a delightful end (and start) to any day!

The Bathroom

Our approach to the perfectly pampered cleanse

Soaking in the deep and comforting bath or splashing about in the power shower, this is the special place to wash away all the stress and turmoils that everyday life may throw at you.

We can create stunning water closets to fully compliment the fantastic suites of bathroom products and natural stone now available to the client.

Why not let Charlie Kingham transform this space – and maybe your life – immeasurably for the better?

The Study & Library

Our creation for a bookworm's heavenly hideaway

Your hideaway, creative space, reading room, think tank, special place. Whatever you call yours, it’s where the important matters get dealt with. Surely this space rightly requires the Charlie Kingham TLC?

Let us perform some magic in this special place: panelled walls, vaulted bookcasing with our exclusive library ladder systems, unique desks all subtly lit. These help create the perfect spot for you to have the personal time and space to unwind and think.

Why feel guilty of this pleasure, you deserve this much surely?

The Live/Dine Room

Our design for where you consume culinary delights

Is this not the place where the finest English bone china, shiniest Sheffield silverware and the clearest crystal glass resides?

Would it not go without question that these apprized possessions have somewhere befitting to be quartered and displayed in all their wonderful glory?

Coupled with the trend towards one living space built around the kitchen as the hub, the old school living room has kind of lost its former glory spot in the home.

How about a bit of ‘rebadging’? Now we have a dedicated A/V cinema or a gents’ smoking parlour, a ladies cocktail salon, a drawing room… the only limitations is your imagination.