The devil's in the detail

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The attention to detail

To help you along on this journey of introduction and discernment, here are just a smattering of the delights that go towards finishing your handmade bespoke dream kitchen.

Here’s a chance to take a sneak peak inside Charlie Kingham’s wonderful cabinets and see some of what goes on hidden behind those closed doors.

Some Larders

The given in any kitchen and very first on any wishlist

Don’t we mean pantries?

No: larders are a standalone cabinet and pantries are a separate dedicated room.

Both have the same function and fascination but each its own different character. The larder shines as a centrepiece in a bespoke kitchen, pure eye candy with its wonderful solid wood spice and oil racks, its cavernous yet accessible storage space and any configuration of doors and drawers to match.

Astute Appliances

Engineered perfection, X Factor with function.

Wolf? Aga? La Cornue? Lacanche? Miele? Sub Zero? Gaggenau? Neff? Bosch?
From the magnificent centre piece range cooker to the oh so important accompanying appliances, we can help you choose these essential elements that go towards complimenting our elegant cabinetry and another step towards the final stages of the finished article.
You may have chosen already or look to us and draw on our experience to help you with making the right choice, whichever it is, you can rest assured that the appliances will be well-suited to you and your family’s needs and sourced at a competitive value.
Why not let us help you to decide?

Tea & Toast

Your own little Central Perk tucked neatly behind closed doors

Where else for your morning ‘fix’ but right here in one of our tantalising Tea & Toast cabinets? What caffeine addict could be without one of these? Who could resist the smell of freshly ground coffee or a cuppa of freshly brewed tea with some hot buttered toast or crumpets and you favourite topping?
Incorporating a boiling water tap, drainer, coffee machine and toaster to create the perfect and unique mini cafeteria right there in your own house. The smartest of ‘Home Brew’ kits – how cool is that!

Artisan Brushwork

... by our dedicated and practised master painters

This medium is the face and cover of all we do so it goes without saying that our accomplished artists are of the highest order.
Using your choice of select paints, be it Farrow & Ball, Paint and Paper library, Little Greene paint company, or whoever you may have decided on, our specialist hand-painters, use the finest materials and brushes and take the greatest care to ensure they achieve the most refined finish possible in the colour of your choice.

Bespoke kitchen painted in MyLands Sinner with veined worktops and splashback and aged brass hardware with a Wolf range cooker.

Naturally Stone

The accomplished mason's majestic creations

They say that worktops are the making of the kitchen, a little bit of a slap in the face to our cabinetmakers but it stands to reason that we show this element no less respect than all the others used in the creation of the ‘dream’.
From the glorious natural stones, slates and marbles through to the amazingly practical and durable granite substrates, we have vast experience with all of these and are happy to pass on any knowledge and experience should you want to put us to test.
We have an excellent working relationship with all the finest stonemasons and quarries distributing within the United Kingdom and beyond, be it marble, slate, granite or limestone. We have sourced and worked with them all and can promise you faithfully that you will be hard pressed to find any better than our partners.

Grey bespoke kitchen with stainless steel handles and hinges and a subzero wine cooler with Caesarstone Vanilla Noir worktop.

Composite Quartz

The pinnacle of tops and surfaces

The beauty of natural stone goes unsurpassed, however, that said, the beauty really can only be skin deep on some of these as their porosity and softness makes them very vulnerable.
This is where Quartz steps up to the mark and into the limelight with its practical durability, anti bacterial properties and stain resistant surface, making it a great choice. Caesarstone, as a forward thinking company, emulate very closely the natural look and feel of many of the natural stones and marbles as well as some of the granites. Couple this with their award winning ‘Rugged Concrete’ option and it very soon becomes the brand of choice when it comes to making a decision on a surface.

Bespoke shaker kitchen island in Farrow & Ball ammonite with tray storage and teak worktop and stainless steel cup handles.

Hard Wooden Tops

Tactile tops, fresh from the forest

Charlie Kingham’s solid hardwood kitchen worktops provide a natural beauty to your kitchen that is hard to beat. No other form of kitchen work surface has the timeless beauty and warmth that a real solid wood worktop brings to the kitchen.
One of the main advantages of a wooden worktop is that while other surfaces age badly through use, losing their original splendour, wood gains in character, becoming richer and deeper in colour over time.
Wood is also an environmentally responsible choice of material – because the timber used has no waste, all material is either used into other products or recycled into heat during the manufacturing process.
All of our wood worktops are made from FSC® certified timber, which means each worktop can be traced back to the original forest where it grew.

Intrinsic Ironmongery

What else creates that ‘WOW’ factor more

Although our woodsmiths believe they have the most important role to play in any of our projects, the real truth is every part of our offer is no more or less important than the next,. All together, they go towards the construction and completion of the finest finished product.
That aside, the architectural ironmongery we use, from the cast and forged handles and knobs to the solid drawn butt hinges and slotted head brass screws, are, wherever possible, made in England.
The majority is produced exclusively for us, backed up by an extensive library covering most requirements you may have.
No corner is cut and no penny saved until we have the most superior metalwork available.
These can all be experienced at our showroom.

The Wet Stuff

The most wonderful waterworks

Working closely with all the exceptional suppliers of sinks and taps in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world has given us the experience and knowledge over the years that is now yours to call on in choosing the right waterworks for your project.
We have our favourites, and for all the right reasons, but no strict allegiance to any one supplier.
Our resource and reference library keeps a close check on all that is happening in the waterworks production houses around the world allowing us to relay the latest information regarding the best new ‘essentials’ hitting the marketplace. Things like antique copper and brass patina finishes, 4 in 1 taps, and other great new products.
If this isn’t enough, we still have custom made options to cover any eventuality. Why not put us to the test?

Decadent Drinks

A tipple, a sip

A home for your favourite bottle? We’ve got you covered. Whether this be gin, whisky, rum, wine. You name it, we can house it! There are so many ways to store your bottles, from racks incorporated into a kitchen cabinet, to a full cellar, we can accommodate all your boozy needs. We love giving these spaces a luxurious feel with brass details and mirrored backs – but whatever your style, we will find something for your home bar that will make pouring yourself a glass at the end of a long week that little bit more exciting.

Silver service

Who doesn’t love an orderly cutlery drawer!

Why, when you have invested in some of the finest silverware, would just chuck it in a drawer without any care or thought, where it can be scratched?
To help look after your investment in stunning tableware, only the very best solid wood cutlery insert trays will do. We are proud to say we produce some of the finest made!
Green baize is gorgeous and very traditional but we can line these gems with any colour of felt or leather. Your cutlery or utensils deserve no less.

Useful Utensils

A good home for your special little labour saving devices

Same goes really for the utensils as it does for the precious silverware. Where would you be without the garlic press or lobster crackers?

You never quite realise how these implements make life just that little easier, a little better, more fun. It kind of stands to reason that we find a nice safe home for these lovely labour saving devices that help us along our merry way in the kitchen.

Coveted Crockery

The English bone china deserves nothing finer.

That treasured dinner service, probably passed down from a past generation, loved and cherished along the way.

Always such a treat when the finest is out for service and brought to the table, signals something special is about to be celebrated, an anniversary, maybe a birthday or big family gathering, whatever the occasion, this wonderful china set warrants it’s well earned respect and surely deserves a safe place to spend its rest periods?  How about seeing what we can do with an enduring dinnerware display case?

Chopping Away

Cutting it fine: a beautifully integrated piece of end grain

Soaking in the deep and comforting bath or splashing about in the power shower, this is the special place to wash away all the stress and turmoils life may be throwing at you.

We can create stunning water closets to fully compliment the fantastic suites of bathroom products and natural stone now available to the client. Why not let Charlie Kingham transform this space and your life immeasurably for the better?

Tray Bon

Excuse my French but these are a right ol’ carry on.

Be it a drawer tray, hidden behind wonderfully fashioned shaker doors, or a removable custom pull-out tray built into the cabinetry, these useful essentials are a valuable component of any well-designed bespoke kitchen.

Handmade in solid wood with traditional dove tailed jointing, these functional stalwarts are something we take great care in producing to suit the individual client’s specifications making them a very exclusive and personal addition to their project.

Spick & Span

Where else can you put your everyday domestics?

After you invested in a handmade bespoke shaker style kitchen, what a shame to have all the cleaning knick knacks lying about on show for all who  enter your divine new domain?

Up we step, with some glorious little ‘hideaways’ to deal with the problem in an organised manner: solid oak towel rails that slide in and out effortlessly on soft close runners, the same for our ‘spick and span’ drawer with lift-out trays tucked surreptitiously away under the sink.

Shelf Life

Nothing top shelf here, all bracket and no hinge

Now these really are our forte! Mostly overlooked by some as just another ‘bit’ of a kitchen but when treated with the respect they deserve, these little wall shelf beauties start to impress anyone.

From the simplest gallow brackets to our charming cast ironbridge supports, we have painstakingly explored all the different ways a shelf can be held up. Make sure you check out our inner cabinet supports and exclusive hand-turned shaker pegs: the sweetest little attention to detail.