Our Bespoke Chopping Boards Selection

Cutting it fine, with a beautifully integrated piece of end grain.

We all have a favourite board or dutiful space allocated to chopping. It’s a very personal operation. Chopping boards and blocks are a very personal element of any kitchen and a very important ‘essential’, intrinsic to the preparation of any meal (OK, maybe not porridge).

Some are up there with the TV chefs flailing away at speeds leaving the hands a blur. Don’t you just envy these people as you slowly and very carefully take ten minutes to carry out what took them thirty seconds and still manage to lose a digit in the process? Deep breaths, deep breaths, back to calm now. Where are those plasters?

There are so many options when it comes to chopping boards, but the three that we encounter most are as follows.

You already own one or a collection of boards. Maybe you bought these along the way or maybe you inherited a wonderfully worn family heirloom and nothing else on offer today quite inspires you to culinary greatness in the same way. Whichever it is, in your handmade bespoke kitchen, we will create for you a space dedicated to the housing of these precious items. We just love to create exclusive ‘Charlie Kingham’ chopping board storage, giving you the opportunity to have them customised to your specification. These can be done to fit in with any styling, for shaker kitchens, industrial-inspired ones or contemporary ones. 

Having fallen in love with the exclusively fashioned cabinet for your specified bespoke boards, giving them their very own cubby holes, we are also able to offer  you the chance to decide exactly what amalgamation of boards you require to suit your cooking needs. We can carve any choice of wording (cooked meat, fish, raw meat, veg, etc) into these glorious pieces of timber to help with the hygienic requirements of modern day kitchens. 

Now this is where it gets serious. How about one of our centrepiece showcase bespoke butchers blocks? A uniquely designed table or island end piece set up just to your stipulation. Add in some dedicated knife holders and a prep bin and you are now on the way to establishing your very own hacking heaven! We can fashion these beauties from any choice of wood but the firm favourites are oak, cherry and walnut. We then top these of with a very authentic end grain chopping board that will withstand a lifetime’s chopping and beyond. Go on, you know it makes sense!

That’s it folks (for now anyway). How about seeing what we can carve out for you?

PS. We will be running a ‘spot the worst pun ever’ competition for this one.