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Beautifully simple,
Simply beautiful.

The Bathroom

There is no more heavenly place to cancel out life’s noise and gather your thoughts, to chill and have some me time. Our bespoke bathroom cabinets create just that feel!

Into the comfort zone for a perfectly pampered cleanse and a private hideaway from the world!

Soap and suds. The inimitable place to while away the hours. That’s if you can get in there or the kids are not banging on the door to hurry you on! There is no more heavenly place to cancel out life’s noise and gather your thoughts, to chill and have some me time.

Soaking in the deep and comforting bath or splashing about in the power shower, this is the special place to wash away all the stress and turmoils that everyday life may throw at you. We can create stunning water closets to fully compliment the fantastic suites of bathroom products and natural stone now available. The devil is in the detail in these spaces – just look at this William Holland brass sink. Luxury and style right there.

Let us start with the bath. Plenty of people now plumb (pardon the pun) for the cast-iron roll top. And that’s where we come in! How about a screen enclosure? This not only stops the obvious overspill but also creates a wonderful room divider, affording privacy within and and a gorgeous barrier from the outside.

You may decide to go with a more conventional bath. We can create a panelled enclosure here too. It can skirt as a surround, hiding all the pipework as well as beautifying the location of this oversized puddle. Amazing how a dunk in the tub rates as one of the best and most cherished therapies! See which of our bespoke bathroom cabinets can help create this space for you.

Let’s not forget showers! Why not let Charlie Kingham transform this space into the best place you’ve ever been? Let us fashion a room where you can revive under the powerful jets. This might just make you feel like you are ready to fully function again, but totally relaxed this time.

We love bathrooms. And one of the best features we have a huge passion for is wall panelling. We cannot get enough of the stuff! Bespoke hand-painted or real wood finished in oak, walnut, cherry or mahogany, this overlay is something that encompasses the room without crowding you in. There’s an appeal that mystifies but calms. We can build in to the panelling some hidden cabinets or exposed book cases. Or maybe you prefer magazine racks (who doesn’t love a good read, bath or bog?) or some aged brass rails to set it all off with a final flourish.

One of the finest elements we can add is a good old smattering of a gorgeously patinated stone. Be it an Arabescatto, a Statuario or a Carrara marble, maybe even a travertine or a granite. These beauties carry an air of sophistication that no man-made composite can match let alone better.

Finally, we have an unparalleled and matchless library of brass and china wares to suit all budgets, tastes and finishes. These include aged brass, copper, satin nickels, pewters and many more – we won’t bore you – but there is something for every style of bespoke bathroom cabinets.

If you are looking to better your home and make self-care in the form of spa-like relaxation a priority, we are here. Why not let us create your home spa retreat?