I say, the sun appears to be over the yardarm.

Any one for drinky poos? No? Go ooooon. Never too early for a snifter and where better place to start than mixing up a sneaky one (or two) in a dedicated Charlie Kingham bespoke drinks cabinet. Shaker or contemporary, we’ve got you covered!

Our most lusted after showroom bespoke drinks cabinet

How about disguising your naughtiness and calling it a ‘libations larder’ instead of a bespoke drinks cabinet? Sounds way more acceptable and less pretentious with a hint of fun!

Guess which ‘cupboard’ is everyone’s favourite in our showroom? Yep, you got it in one, our gorgeous hooch hideaway, loved by one and all.

A glassware cabinet with bi-fold doors and closed cabinets below for bottles

A drinks cabinet is a cherished item taking pride of place in many homes. We rise to the occasion when afforded the privilege of a commission to create one of these very personal and unique beauties. The pleasure really is all ours! How selfish.

A stunning solid wood bespoke wine room with ladder system

We can do it all, be it a cabinet, wine room or cellar. Temperature and humidity controlled maybe? They all get the same passion and attention to detail. We relish the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and show what we are really capable of: the possibilities are limitless here.

As these are such intimate and subjective concepts, we like to work very closely with you, the client when customising your bespoke drinks cabinet. This allows us to get an idea and a real picture of what’s in your mind and realise what exactly it is that is going to make this your very own ‘special one’.

A perfect drinks cabinet for all sorts of drinks and glassware with mirrored back

Is yours going to be a steadfast Gin & Tonic cupboard with allowances for an ice maker, citrus chopping board and botanicals store? Let us house your cherished Hendricks, Silent Pool or any other gin of choice.

Maybe a Whiskey & Cigar closet with built-in humidor (…and a lock to keep unwelcome ‘visitors’ from your loved ones)?

A cherry wood wine cabinet with bottle and glass racks in solid brass

Is it ‘just’ to be wine? One of our very own ‘Succinct Cellars’ with all the essential elements condensed down in to one divine ‘vault’ would fit the bill perfectly.

Perhaps you are after a full-blown cocktail bar with all the garnish, frills and trimmings (with obligatory paper umbrellas)?

A decorative display cabinet for drinks with lighting

Or of course, a bit if them all, one dedicated cabinet to cope with the plethora, a whole king caboodle chiffonier to house every one of those beautiful beverages you cosset and coddle?

Whatever your preferred cabinet happens to be, we will have an inspiring, creative design tucked neatly up our sleeve just waiting to see the light of day!

How about letting us loose on fashioning a custom-made, crafty bar just for you?