Bespoke Kitchen Cleaning Cabinets

Now this is where Charlie cleans up nicely

Now, I have designed a few handmade bespoke kitchens, some shaker style kitchens, a pinch of luxury contemporary kitchens and much more beyond that.

The one thing every client had as an essential and a very clear mandate was focus on the cleanness and tidiness. Cleaning storage is a very easily forgotten but crucial element in any style of kitchen. Why? Because no matter how much you may loathe the everyday chores (some don’t, some love them, some have a maid or ‘scivvy’) they are a fact of life.

So why not let us put some thought to this dilemma and create a custom set up to alleviate the tedium of these menial tasks? Who knows, with one of our serendipitous arrangements, you may actually find yourself taking a shine to the chores awaiting you.

Let us start with the double pull-outs we love to place flanking the sink. Pure craftsmanship fashioned in solid oak with delightful dovetail drawer boxes, these are no ordinary trays. A massive favourite with all who encounter these at the showroom, they are often first on the wishlist. Check out the beauties in the piccies above. One left, one right.

Left is a double tray for all those various cleaners, bottles and sprays along with the kitchen roll, clothes etc…I mean, where do they all come from and what are half of them for? Who knows, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their own rightful place in your kitchen!

To the right, towel rails and another one of those solid oak with divine dovetail drawer boxes. Now you have somewhere to keep (or hide) the tea towels, scrubbers, brushes, dusters and other ‘rags’ you manage to accumulate in the never ending battle to keep your house a home.

Whilst in the sink region, how about opening those gorgeous handmade shaker kitchen doors below the butler sink and taking a gander at our impressive sliding ‘Spick & Span’ open drawer? You’ll struggle to find anything as pleasing and as practical as one of these creations. Where else would you be able to put your everyday domestics? A place for everything and everything in its place! (our motto and mantra, rearing its lovely head again).

These are created especially to deal with all the paraphernalia connected with a well run housework operation. We arrange them neatly in tailor-made solid oak trays set on soft close runners, running smooth as silk for complete ease of access.

Even better, a closer look reveals the plucky little lift-out second tray nestling modestly in amongst the gorgeousness of the main tray. So sweet yet so efficient and functional. This allows you to quickly gather up the bare essentials in one swift movement and off you go, sweeping effortlessly around the palace!

Finishing off here, we have two tips that should be given some consideration. Here is just a few little gems that will make life that bit easier and your kitchen that bit tidier.

First up, a rail on the end of an island or cabinet run. Great for towels and cloths but add some hooks and now it can cope with anything you throw its way.

Lastly, a conclusive one this. A pull-out bin. Who likes to see one of those monstrous R2D2 steel canisters sitting in a stunning handmade bespoke kitchen? I certainly don’t and can whole-heartedly recommend a slide and hide bin as a suitable replacement in any kitchen. Have a look at this one here, cavernous and easily set to cope with all your waste disposal demands. Go on, you know it makes sense.

We hope you enjoyed finding reading about our helpful cleaning storage solutions. After you invested so much in a handmade bespoke shaker style kitchen, why on earth would you overlook this consideration?