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Simply beautiful.

Bespoke Utensil Rail & Drawers

A bespoke utensil rail is a good home for your special little labour-saving devices and is something every great and ambitious cook needs!


Now, what to do with that plethora of contrivances?

Where would you be without the sifter, peeler or oyster shucker? A good home for your special little labour-saving devices is something every good cook needs!

We’d like to think we give the utensils the same care and attention as we do the precious cutlery and silverware. These implements make life just that little easier, something we often realise when we reach for that quintessential fave and it’s not there. Oh no, what now!

Solid oak drawer box with dovetail joints on a blue island.

As with the tableware drawers, we create these in handsome solid oak or American black walnut drawer boxes with delightfully hand-crafted dovetailed joints. The utensil drawers are also found sitting comfortably on Blum soft close runners. But why stop there you ask?

Bespoke shaker rails with hand turned pegs over a Perrin & Rowe double butler sink paired with aged brass taps.

Things stored inside a drawer are not always easy to reach or find when needed. These tools of the trade are something that can require more accessibility. What better than gorgeously fashioned, bespoke utensil rails with hand turned shaker pegs? They are practical and so easily positioned wherever you may need them.

Solid wood rail with ‘S’ hooks to hang your pots, pans and utensils.

If you want to take the aesthetics a step further, how about an aged-brass bespoke utensil rail with matching ’S’ hooks? These keep everything you may need readily to hand and can be matched to the taps and ironmongery in the rest of your design. This creates a coordinated aesthetic throughout your gorgeously crafted handmade kitchen (by Charlie Kingham of course), whether traditional shaker, contemporary or industrial inspired.

Along life’s merry way, the dedicated home chef manages to accrue all manner of instruments, devices, apparatus, gadgets, appliances and contraptions. Every one as useful and dependable as the last. So why not a place for everything and everything in its place?

A simple hand painted white rail under a bespoke shelf.

We relish the opportunity to take your instruction and implement solutions to your kitchen dilemmas. Nothing gives us greater pleasure successfully accomplishing that mission!

Why not leave it to the masters of the one trade and the jack of none others?